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The Oakland Literacy Coalition’s Annual Literacy & Justice for All Symposium brings together school and community educators, practitioners, funders, leaders, influencers, and community stakeholders committed to sharing and learning effective strategies, approaches, and tools that address the literacy needs of all learners. This event provides fighters for literacy justice with expanded spaces for professional learning in community and a chance to collaborate with literacy allies and champions across the region.

Our work toward literacy justice is critical. 1 in 3 children who started school during the pandemic need extensive literacy support. At the state level, California has the lowest literacy rate in the country with only 77% of adults are considered mid to highly literate. In our hometown of Oakland, only 1 in 3 students are reading on or above their grade-level.

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Since the launch of the Oakland Literacy Coalition in 2016, we have set out to create a permanent hub for the city’s literacy providers to learn, collaborate, and champion a shared goal for all Oakland students to learn and love to read. Since then, we’ve continued to build strong, thriving networks and design high quality resources and training to fuel learning and mobilize change for our city’s learners.


Through networking and convening, the Oakland Literacy Coalition (OLC) builds connections and closes the gap between individuals and entities, creating a united, community-powered, effort toward improving literacy and justice for all Oakland students. We create an environment where together we can learn, strategize, elevate, and collaborate in order to empower Oakland learners of all ages with the literacy skills that set them on the path to success.

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